Engagement Photo Shoot

Shortly after getting engaged, we spent some time with Avery Wong capturing our relationship around San Francisco.

We wanted our shoot to be extremely personal to us and our relationship, so we brought along outfits and props that held special meaning for us both.


After a rough start to the day, including us driving to the wrong Edgewood, we began our photoshoot in the woods with a few different outfits.

We began with us in our Star Wars / Star Trek outfits, and had a few attempts at Matthew force choking Katherine. After that we put on our animal onesies and had a blast just exploring the undergrowth. We finished by putting on some more elegant outfits and showing we like to be classy too!

Baker Beach

As the sun was going down, we headed to Baker Beach to take some more photos, with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

We also brought Province, the board game that we were playing when we first became friends.