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Katherine McAuliffe and Matthew Tole are having a wedding and grand reception for all of their friends and family on the evening of June 3rd 2017 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

The theme for the event will be the ultimate combination of Star Trek and Star Wars!

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(Check out this awesome video by our photographer, Avery Wong!)

The Day

10AM - 5PM

Visit the Museum

The main gallery of the Computer History Museum (the bit with all the cool old computers) will be closed during the wedding and reception, so if you've never been before, we recommend coming during the day to check it out. Best of all, it's free for our guests!


Arrive and get seated

At 5PM the museum will close to the general public, and it's time for you all to make your way to the courtyard out back where the ceremony will take place.


Wedding Ceremony

At 5:30PM (don't be late!) we will hold a short wedding ceremony in the courtyard, officiated by our friend David Hayes.


Food Trucks

Once the ceremony has finished, it will be time to eat! We are having three local food trucks cater the wedding and you will be able to choose from a variety of food to satisfy your every need.

At this point the open bar will also be made available to you. We will have a couple of kegs of beer and cider on tap, wine and mixed drinks, as well as non-alcoholic options.


Speeches & Toasts

Once everyone has had a chance to grab some food and drinks, there will be a brief period of speeches from select members of the wedding party and family.

This will immediately be followed by our first dance!


Dessert Bar

Two of the food trucks will leave at 8pm, but don't worry, because that signifies the start of the dessert bar! Instead of having one big cake, we are having a beautiful and delicious dessert bar that will feature seven different desserts for you to eat!

8:30PM - Midnight

Have Fun

For the rest of the evening, it's just about meeting people, having fun, drinking the bar dry, dancing to the best music our DJ can come up with, and taking advantage of the awesome photo booth.

The party will come to a close at midnight! We really appreciate you coming out to celebrate with us!


Aren't you already married?

Yes, we did already get legally married on December 1st 2016 in a small ceremony in Redwood City, but we have both always wanted a large wedding and reception surrounded by all of our friends and family.

Want to see photos from the day or watch the marriage ceremony? We've got you covered!

I don't understand the theme‽

Because Katherine loves Star Trek and Matthew loves Star Wars, the theme for the wedding ceremony and reception will be both Star Trek and Star Wars!

Katherine and her wedding party will be wearing suits and dresses inspired by Star Trek uniform. Matthew and his wedding party will be wearing clothes inspired by characters from the Star Wars Universe.

What's the dress code?

In line with the Star Trek / Star Wars theme, we would love people to dress up in formal outfits that are inspired by either of these Science Fiction classics. If you mange to incorporate both Star Trek and Star Wars into your outfit to celebrate our union, you will get extra special space points.

For those who do not wish to partake in the theme, or if you have a really nice dress / suit you've been waiting for a reason to wear, the alternative dress code is standard Earth formal attire!

Which airport should I fly to?

If you are coming in from out of town, there are two good choices for flying into. If you want to be closer to the venue, we recommend flying into San Jose airport (SJC). If you want to stay in San Francisco to spend some time seeing the sights, SFO is your best choice.

Where should I stay?

Both Katherine and Matthew love using AirBnB, and we recommend you do the same! You could stay in Mountain View to be close to the venue, or up in San Francisco if you want to make more of a vacation out of the trip.

If you've never used AirBnB before, here's a referral link that will give you (and us!) money for you signing up.

AirBnB Referral

Gift Registry

If you want to buy us a gift to celebrate our nuptials and help set us up for our adventure together, we have two wedding registries.

If you're a practical person and want to help us buy typical wedding things like housewares we are registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond. We will buy these things regardless, don't feel like you need to buy us anything at all, but it would be cool to think of you whenever we use that cheese plate. Also, you probably already have a 20% off coupon for there.

Bed Bath & Beyond

However, if you'd rather get us board games, Legos, or cool tech, then you can check out our Amazon registry. Again, you also DO NOT need to buy us anything. This is for the traditional types since people have already been asking if we are registered anywhere.


Contact Us

If you have any further questions, or just want to get in touch with either Katherine or Matthew about our wedding, please email us at